Provisional Organizations are new organizations registered with the Office of Student Involvement who have been active for less than 1 year. These organizations will now be eligible for RUSA Allocations funding after recent changes to an old policy.

They will be eligible for up to $300 in funding through Spring 2020. This amount should be utilized for advertising, general meeting costs, supplies, and small programming.

There will be two funding cycles. The next cycle will take place near the start of the spring semester. Organizations who previously applied will not be eligible to reapply. This cycle will be for newly approved provisional organizations or organizations who missed the initial application cycle. 

The funding application for the first cycle is currently OPEN. Please fill out this form by 10PM November 8th:

Depending on your answers you may be asked to come in for a follow-up meeting with the Allocations Board before learning of your allocation. Emails with further details will be sent to groups who applied directly after the form application period ends.