Budget Preparation

*An example of a well-prepared budget has been attached, please see the following attachment:

  •  Budgeting is the preparation of a comprehensive financial plan related to all operational activities. Your budget will require a thorough outline of your projected goals for the coming semester. This will include all operational expenses, sales projections and necessary cash flow.

  •  At least the two primary officers (President and Treasurer), if not all board members, must be present while creating a budget

  • Since you are handing the budget in a semester ahead of the actual event, you must give as accurate as possible figures. In order to facilitate this process, contact your predecessors who have conducted this event and contact the vendors and businesses in advance for price information.

  • If help is needed, read over the many resources on our website. If questions still are not answered, we suggest speaking with your advisor, then e-mail us at rusa.allocations@gmail.com 

  • Space is always limited at Rutgers so plan well ahead and sign up for room rentals on the date you choose to hold the event.


In order to receive funds:

  • Organization must be recognized by Rutgers Student Involvement

  • The purpose of the program must reflect the organization’s mission

  • A budget must be handed in on time following the allocations template of a budget otherwise Allocations will assess penalties

  • Refer to our fundable and non-fundable items list in the "Funding Guidelines" Tab to make sure what you are asking for is actually fundable.

Once you receive funds:

  • The event being hosted cannot cost more than $10 to Rutgers students

  • Cannot use more than the amount allocated for the specific program unless using from the Generated Revenue (GR)

  • Program money cannot be used to make T-Shirts even if it is for the event, please use your GR money in order to make T-Shirts.

  • Any advertisement that is created by the funds allocations provided, in other words for any event or trip, and you are advertising it, the advertisement must say: "RUSA Allocations Board, paid for by student fees"


** Please refer to the actual allocations guidelines for detailed information; and use this page only as a supplement to the guidelines.**

Appeals Meetings

*The following list gives general information on appeals. Please see the attached document "Appeals Guide" on the bottom of this page for a complete walkthrough of the process.

  • Appeals meetings are held for organizations that decide to change their program during the semester or add items that were not originally in the budget. Representatives from the groups should prepare a 2-4 minute presentation of the event and its costs. We suggest that the President and the Treasurer attend these meetings, but students may have class during the meeting, so anyone is welcome to come.

  • Allocations only funds you for at least one event, so if you decide to hold another event during the semester, you must sign up for the appeals meeting by submitting a budget to before the appeals meeting. For more information about an event change, see question #4 in the "FAQ" tab. 

  • If you decide to cancel an event and decide to hold another event in place of that one, you must sign up for appeals meeting and hand in a separate budget specifically for that event. Funds cannot be used for another event unless approved by the allocations board or your advisor. 

  • The best way to prepare for this appeals meeting is to discuss the correlation between the event and your organization, to tell us about the educational value of the event, and to have every cost detailed out ($20 for glue sticks, for example). Each item that you plan to spend should be listed. You are allowed to purchase items that were not listed on the budget if you think of some as it gets closer to the date of the event, but please check with your advisor before spending funds.

Student Center Room and Rental Equipment Information

We are providing a detailed list of the most up-to-date costs for renting space and equipment in a Rutgers student facility. 






This serves as a uniform expense sheet for the Rutgers Student Centers Equipment. The information attached applies to ALL Rutgers Student Centers. If you have questions about room costs, please contact the Meetings and Events office at centerres@echo.rutgers.edu or call at 848-932-8821


These figures should help your organization to plan the costs incurred under the "Room Rental and Equipment" section of your on campus programs if you so chose to submit a budget for funding from the RUSA Allocations Board for an appeals meeting. More information will be sent out regarding the application process for the semesterly budget requests.